Everything you need to know about The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land


Hitting iOS last week, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land gives the player a set of survivors to take care of and challenge other players with while maintaining a high level of fidelity to the original series. Released to compliment The Walking Dead’s Season 6 premier, the tactical mobile game is an undead test of strategy led by the series’s own Daryl Dixon.


No Man’s Land may be free on the App Store, but it’s far from the level of simplicity we’ve come to expect from free to play games. A vigilant sensibility is required when exploring the game’s many recognisable locations, as rushing a room can awaken prowling walkers. Action points are used to move each character two moves at a time, however, a resourceful handling of these points will pay off if you save some for defence. The decision to introduce a new survivor into your group is entirely yours, and to be made depending on what they can offer your chances of survival.


The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land isn’t going to eclipse the Telltale series by any means, however it looks set to be an entertaining accompaniment to Season 6. The game is available for download now on iPhone and iPad for free.