Are HD versions of old games necessary?



I know that when I see an HD version of a game released I often times have mixed emotions. The first thing I think is – great, now there is a definitive version of the game and a whole new crop of players can experience the game. The second thing I think is – great, now I have to buy the same game again.

Buying the game again isn’t the biggest problem, because usually these re-releases are more budget friendly priced and usually have more content than the original game. But are they always better? That is my question to myself and anybody else that cares to listen to my rants.

But as an anal-retentive gamer, I almost always prefer to play the original game on the original system that it was released on. Take for example Fable Anniversary and compare it to Fable: The Lost Chapters. It is basically the same game. The Anniversary edition is just as good as the original game, only in glorious HD. Unfortunately, it also has a lot of the same problems with glitches and loading times and the character models are not the most attractive avatars ever created. I can overlook these flaws on the original release; it was a technical marvel at the time and blew my mind when it was released. These problems are less forgivable in the updated game because we have come to expect more in our games during the decade between releases.

So what was once a little inconvenience and actually added to the charm of the original game now hampers and actually makes the re-release a less desirable option in my book. Yes, it looks pretty, especially the backgrounds and it now fills my entire widescreen, but it’s lost some of its charm in the transfer. So in this case, I would say the original Lost Chapters version of the game is the definitive version of Fable. But that’s just me and most people won’t bother digging out the old Xbox in order to play a 10 year old game.

I guess what I am saying is that if developers want to re-release a game, I’m all for it. But remember that you are messing with a lot of players childhood memories and nostalgia is much more powerful than the specs of any of the current generation consoles.


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