One Upon Light embraces the dark


Fear of the dark is a common phobia that people suffer from, and for good reason. Who knows what’s hiding in those shadows? A criminal? A telemarketer? Darkness leaves people uncertain. Light on the other hand symbolizes safety and certainty. This is not the case in One Upon Light, a top-down puzzler released digitally today for PS4.

One Upon Light 1

Created at the Singapore University of Technology and Deign Game Lab and published by Rising Star Games, One Upon Light has players travel through a world of light and dark, all the while uncovering secrets about the main character’s past. In a world inspired by classic black-and-white cartoons, players use objects in the environment and their handy-dandy Shadow Echo to “catch” shadows and avoid the light as they work their way through over 20 puzzling levels.

Shut yourself up in a dark room of your own sometime soon and check out One Upon Light for PS4. For more info and screenshots, head over to the game’s website.