Mushroom Day with Mushroom 11


Today is National Mushroom Day, and indie developer Untame is helping gamers celebrate with the release of Mushroom 11. Mushroom 11, backed by Indie Fund and named best indie game at the Tokyo Game Show, is available for PC, Mac and Linux. In Mushroom 11, the player controls a fungal organism that has survived an apocalyptic event which erased all human life. The mushroom can be shaped by pruning cells.  Once cells are destroyed, new ones will eventually grow in their place.

The player will traverse through a post-apocalyptic world making their way through obstacles and encountering strange new life.  Electronic music group The Future Sound of London has provided the soundtrack for Mushroom 11. The game is priced at $14.99 per download, but is on sale for the first week at $13.49 for a 10% discount.