Galak-Z: a love letter to 80s space shooters comes to PC


Galak-Z, the latest game from independent developer 17-Bit, is an homage to old school arcade sci-fi shooter games and Japanese anime.  Think Defender and R-Type meet Voltron and Transformers.  Although the game has been available through PS4 for the better part of two months, a trailer released on YouTube yesterday announced its impending release to PC through Steam.

Galak-Z is 17-Bit’s sophomore game, with its first game Skulls of the Shogun released two years ago.  The studio is headed up by former Sega Japan developer Jake Kazdal, whose inspiration draws from the art of games and anime from the 70s and 80s.  The studio focuses on designing classically-styled 2D games with modern twists.  Galak-Z‘s PC release on Steam is scheduled for October 29.  No details on pricing have been given, but expect it to be around its PS4 price of $19.99.