Sony and Crytek teaming up to bring Robinson: The Journey to PlayStation VR


Today independent video game developer Crytek announced a partnership with Sony to bring Robinson: The Journey to PlayStation VR. The game is still in development and Crytek plans to make full use of virtual reality so gamers can explore the world around them in an entirely new and engaging way.

In Robinson: The Journey, players find themselves stranded on an unfamiliar planet, and must explore new territory and uncover its secrets in a prehistoric environment. Robinson: The Journey will be optimized for PlayStation VR, so players will be fully immersed in the environment through the increasingly popular virtual reality experience.

Crytek was established in 1999, and since then has brought a number of award-winning games including Far Cry, Crysis, and Warface. Like all of their previous titles, Robinson: The Journey will be developed with Crytek’s popular game engine cryENGINE.

For more information on Crytek, visit the official website.