CONTEST / Win Entire Valve Game Library!

In addition to giving us a sneak peak at the first steam machine to market, The Alienware Steam Machine First Look program has given us a Valve Games Key. This key will unlock all of Valve’s titles – games from the Half-life, Left 4 Dead, Portal and Counter-Strike series and more – for one lucky reader! That reader could be you, if you have romance in your heart and perviness in your pants.

For the month of November, we’re running a Steamy Stea-MEME Photo Contest. Just because they’re made from cold lines of code doesn’t mean video games aren’t also chock full of feelings. Sexy, steamy feelings. Think back on your most epic video game romance – Zelda x Link, Aerith x Cloud, Chell x Weighted Companion Cube – and let it inspire some MEME-making magic. The MEME with the most votes by November 30, 2015 at 5:00 PM EST wins one (1) Valve Game Key for Steam, which will unlock all of Valve’s games past, present and future (retail value $200). Now, show us the love!