Why I will be waiting to play Fallout 4


If you have wandered around the internet today, I am sure you have noticed the crazy output of reviews for Fallout 4. That’s because the review embargo has been lifted and now us gaming sites can post all our reviews on the game.


I am sure you must be asking if That VideoGame Blog will be posting a review for the game. The answer is that we have no current plans to post a review. If we do, it will probably be after we have had some time to play the game.

Personally, I will be waiting to play Fallout 4. I am sure people will think I am crazy, but I have no desire to jump into the game right this minute. I want to give Bethesda time to work out the kinks and bugs that will surely pop up. I also want to be ready to sink time into yet another 100+ hour experience.

Yet those aren’t the only reasons why I choose to wait.


When I was a graduate student studying for my PhD, I had a dilemma that occurred while I was taking a notoriously difficult Anatomy class… and it was the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I knew that if I started playing when it came out, my grade in the class would surely suffer. I decided to delay playing the game until the end of my class and reward myself for a job well done with a solid couple day dedication to the new game.

It was at that moment my brain switched a signal within the reward pathway that I learned patience is a reward all unto itself.

The Steam Holiday Sale happened shortly after my classes ended, and I was able to pick up Skyrim at a 33% discount. I also avoided the bugs and foreseeable crashing to the desktop that would have surely happened. I was also able to finish saving up money for a new computer, so I built a brand new machine to play it on.

The stars aligned. I became the Dovahkiin. And I was cool with waiting two months to play the game.

skyrim enb mod

This set me up for where I am now. I have become a patient gamer. Numerous examples have popped up where waiting on a game has worked for the better. My current playthrough of Witcher 3 has all the free DLC unlocked PLUS the Hearts of Stone expansion. Dragon Age: Inquisition was way more fun with all the free updates and already 2 DLC available, and now I can go back when I am ready to play through the epilogue DLC.

The flip side of this also means that I am behind the curve on new releases. So even if I wanted to play Fallout 4, I would be sacrificing my focus on Witcher 3, which was the same dilemma I faced when I was playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. The only current games I play are the ones I review for TVGB.


But I am okay with that. And I don’t think I am alone. I am sure there are lots of you who feel this way. There is a great subreddit dedicated to this very ideal (although some users are just starting to play Skyrim so there is quite a range of patience).

So I look forward to playing Fallout 4 within the next few months, and I am also looking forward to doing a bit of upgrading on my PC in the mean time to get ready for it. Good luck to you all tomorrow with the release of Fallout 4 and happy gaming.