Kromaia Omega out now for PS4!


With stunning visuals and a pace to back it up, Rising Star Games’ and Kraken Empire’s high flying shoot ’em up has landed on shelves. Kromaia Omega takes players to a world filled with myth and technology where players will pilot customizable ships called Armors to traverse through various ancient alien worlds protected by colossal god-like guardians. Each world is highly destructible with its own rules and law of physics and are littered with ancient temple ruins and mind-boggling puzzles that will leave players scratching their heads all the while ripping through intense bouts of laser fire.

kromaia 1

Giving players a full 360 degree freedom to fly, spin, and shoot, Kromaia Omega gives players a level of control that allows them to interact with hundreds of physical objects and fight dozens of enemies at once. The game also introduces a unique AI that adapts variables like enemy speed and formations to offer new, uniquely tailored experiences based on how one chooses to play. With multiple gameplay modes including Story, Score Attack, the all new Pure Mode, and four levels of difficulty for players of all skill levels, player experiences may vary.

kromaia 2

For more insight on the story and lore of Kromaia Omega, please visit the official micro-siteKromaia Omega is now available for the PlayStation 4 in stores and the PlayStation Store.