PREVIEW / Warshift (PC)


Take one part mech combat, two parts action RTS gameplay, mix it all together with a dash of RPG customization elements and you have Warshift. Warshift is a unique game that blurs lines by blending a variety of game genres into one cohesive gaming experience. Oh, and did I mention it was created entirely by one man?



Cyril Megem, a one-man game studio, has been working on Warshift for the past three years. A man of many talents, Megem has done of all Warshift’s programming, design and artwork himself. He’s in no hurry to finish though and has been quoted saying, “The game will remain in early access development as long as it needs to reach its full potential.” That being said, for an early access game, Warshift already has a ton of potential. See for yourself in the trailer below.



Now that you’ve seen how awesome it looks, let’s talk about how it plays. Warshift’s gameplay is truly one-of-a-kind. I mentioned earlier that it blends a variety of game genres. Here’s how. In Warshift, combat takes place on all fields of battle. For ground combat, players can take control of giant mechs armed to the teeth. Some even looks like terrifying monsters. That beast pictured below is the Corsair. It’s pretty gnarly and comes armed with rockets launchers, cannons, bombs and homing missiles. They’re great to use, too, because you are right there in thick of it; You aren’t just some general looking down on his troops and hidden safely away somewhere. Getting to fight side-by-side with your army is awesome.



Fight by land!


Nowhere is safe in Warshift. Not even underwater. The aforementioned giant mechs can fight anywhere! On water and under it! Underwater combat can be just as intense as ground combat, sometimes even more so due to the limited visibility you have while submerged. Additionally, many vehicles can speed across the water, helping you avoid enemy territory. One of the more epic vehicles in Warshift is actually a jet plane that can seamlessly transition into an underwater vehicle. It’s a lot of fun to use.



Fight by sea!


Speaking of jet planes, aerial combat is huge in Warshift. Players can command an armada of futuristic, combat ready vehicles, such as the hybrid air-water plane previously mentioned. You can also go solo and control a unit equipped the with the Archangel Jet-Pack. You can really appreciate the game’s massive open world environment from the air as well. Seeing the world with nothing out of your reach is incredibly satisfying.



Fight by air!


I said earlier that combat in Warshift takes place on all fronts and I meant it! Fighting in space is just as intense; it’s fast paced and ever changing. Twitch reactions are vital, as there are more things to look out for when fighting in space than on Earth. Enemies can come from all around you, but that just makes it more fun! The visuals in space are a real treat for eyes as well. Megem did a great job with the art and design of Warshift’s space environment and its vehicles.



Fight in the cold, black vacuum of space!


Warshift is also packed with real time strategy combat! Players construct a base, build up their troops, make upgrades and go into battle! Just like your traditional RTS game. These kind of missions add a welcomed layer of variety to an otherwise action intensive experience. It shows that Warshift is not all brawn; it has brains too. These missions also caused fond memories of Command and Conquer to come flooding back. I approved.



Warshift combines the tactical combat of an RTS…


Remember those giant mechs I keep mentioning? The nightmare-inducing creature in the screenshot below is actually one of them. It’s called the ARKAR. It can travel both on land and underwater, has a stealth mode and is fully customizable.  In fact, many units in Warshift have a variety of upgrades and custom options available to them. Players of Warshift will be able to command a fully customized army that is as unique as they are. How cool is that?



…with the customization elements of an RPG.


Additional content in Warshift includes:
– Unique NODE-based system for strategy gameplay
– Evolving systems for customizable combat avatars
– Tactical management system for heavy battleship
– 16 types of units: 6 customizable combat avatars, 9 AI soldiers, 1 heavy-unit
– 7 types of buildings
– Dozens of weapons and upgrades
– Super-abilities and transformations
– 4 playable maps for custom skirmishes vs AI
– 10 single player missions
– Customizable skirmishes against AI
– Basic LAN multiplayer

That’s just the content that was available when I played. Megem is releasing more and more content with every patch. By the time he’s done with it, who knows how massive a game Warshift will be. If shooter/RTS/action/military/sci-fi games are your thing, then you definitively need to give Warshift a once over. You can pick it up on Steam Early Access today. You really can’t beat its sub-$20 price point for the amount of quality gaming you’ll will receive, especially considering it’s not even done yet!