REVIEW / Japan Yum


Ever wish you could travel to Japan and try out all their unique foods, snacks and treats? Well now you can with Japan Yum! A monthly snack subscription service, Japan Yum will send 8-10 unique Japanese snacks and treats right to your door, no passport required! The creators of Japan Yum were kind enough to send a box for us to review here on TVGB. I’m the lucky writer who got to sample everything!


Japn Yum Box 1

Got my Japan Yum box in the mail!


Japan Yum Opened 2

And took everything out!


There are four rather affordable Japan Yum subscription plans to choose from:  $25/box for 1-month, $24/box for 3-months, $23.33/box for 6-months and $22.92/box for 12-months. That means you can grab a whole year’s worth of delicious Japanese snacks, treats and candies for less than $23 a month! Break that down further and you’re only paying $5.73 a week! Not a bad price tag at all if I do say so myself.


Japan Yum Opened 3

It came with 8 different treats.


Japan Yum Card

And an info card providing a brief description of each snack. Don’t worry about the small font. I’ll type up each description as I discuss each snack in more detail.


You’re not just getting a box full of snacks; you’re experiencing a small part of the world by tasting pieces of culture that wouldn’t cross your palate otherwise. This would be especially exciting for anyone that loves or wants to learn more about Japanese culture. Plus the snacks were delicious! Another fact worth mentioning is that Japan Yum can send boxes around the world! So no matter where you live (with the exception of Mexico and Peru), you can order Japan Yum or gift it to loved one. The holidays are coming up you know.

Almond Peak

Japan Yum Snack 1

Savory almonds encased in delicious white chocolate.

These were pretty tasty. I’m always a fan of white chocolate encased anything. However, the chocolate to almond ratio was a bit one-sided. There was too much chocolate and not enough almond to balance things out. Kind of took away from the over all taste for me. Would have preferred a bit of almond in each bite. I didn’t always get that. I still approved though!


Koala’s March

Japan Yum Snack 2

Cute koala shaped cookies filled with a strawberry cream filling.

Japan Yum Snack 2.5

Many of the koala cookies were uniquely designed! How awesome is that!?

These little cookies cracked me up. Most of the koala’s had their own designs and facial expressions (as seen above). They didn’t taste too bad either. They had a nice crunchy exterior with a pleasant strawberry cream filled interior. They tasted just like bite-sized strawberry Pop-Tarts. Delicious. I approved.


Junia Boro

Japan Yum Snack 3

Popular amongst kids, these egg biscuits will melt in your mouth!

Based on the description alone I was really hoping to like these. Unfortunately, I did not. They had an initial sweet taste with a pleasing crunch. However, the after taste lingered a bit too long and was unpleasant. The biscuits did literally melt in my mouth though. It seemed to dissolve as I was chewing it. The melting aspect was cool as was the creative, kid friendly packaging. But it wasn’t enough to make up for the poor after-taste. I did not approve.


Bean Cake

Japan Yum Snack 4

A delicious little red bean cake. It goes great with green tea!

Probably one of my favorite things in the box. This little bean cake was wonderful. It had a sweet, spongy outside layer with a delicious red bean paste in the middle. I loved it. Only wish more than one had come in my box. It tasted almost like chocolate cake. I totally approved.


Aero Mini

Japan Yum Snack 5

A light and airy blueberry filling covered in a coat of chocolate.

I am going to try and be as unbiased as possible for this one because I am not a huge fan of chocolate, nor blueberries.   The Aero definitely had a distinctive blueberry flavor that paired quite nicely with the chocolate. Despite my taste preference, the Aero still tasted like a well put together piece of candy.
I approved.


Pumpkin Pudding KitKat

Japan Yum Snack 6

A Halloween exclusive KitKat with a creamy pumpkin pudding coating.

Did you know there was more than one KitKat flavor in the world? I DIDN’T! These little pudding coated bars of goodness rocked! They were creamy and had a great pumpkin flavor. Loved them. Definitely approved.


Chocolate Marshmallow

Japan Yum Snack 7

A chocolate filled marshmallow. Just add graham crackers for s’mores!

Pretty straightforward snack. It really is just a marshmallow filled with chocolate. The description suggests using the chocolate marshmallow to make smores though. I think that’s a great idea, especially around this time of year. I only wish more than two came in my box. I approved.


Caplico Stick

Japan Yum Snack 8

An ice cream cone shaped wafer with a smooth creamy filling.

This was another snack I thoroughly enjoyed. Not only does it LOOK like an ice cream cone, but it actually TASTE like one too. I could hardly believe it myself. There was even a surprise layer of chocolate towards the bottom. I also really appreciated the wrapping. It’s fun, whimsical and very appealing. Much like the snack itself. All in all, great product. I approved.

I ended up approving 7 out of the 8 treats I got in the October Japan Yum box. I am not sure why I received the October box in November but hey I’m not complaining. Pumpkin pudding coated KitKats, chocolate filled marshmallows and ice cream cone treats FTW! To learn more about Japan Yum, check out their previous boxes and start receiving your monthly box head on over to their official website!

Happy Eating!


Well priced deliciousness!


Japan Yum offers a lot bang for your buck. A good sized box filled 8-10 tasty snacks and treats found only in Japan and an info card giving a simple yet effective description of each item. Plus, anyone around the world can order a Japan Yum box! It’s a winning business all around. Start your subscription today!