REVIEW / Loot Crate (October 2015)


Somewhat appropriately, my coverage of October’s Loot Crate is running a bit late, but there’s no need to worry. If you’re looking to dive into October’s edition of the premier geeky subscription box, you’re in the right place at the right time. If you couldn’t guess from my wonderful puns (and didn’t already know), “Time” was October’s theme. Loot Crate promised items from Back to the Future, Doctor Who, and Bill & Ted. They also teased that there would be an exclusive Funko Pop! figure included. That always gets me excited, so let’s start there, shall we?

 Exclusive Funko Pop! Figure: Doc Brown

Doc Brown Pop!

I admit, I was hoping that the Pop! would be something from Doctor Who, but this doctor makes a fine inclusion too. Unlike most vendor-exclusive Pop! figures, this isn’t just a repaint of the commercially available version of the character. This is a brand new mold, featuring the good doctor wearing his goggles and connecting the cables to give the DeLorean enough power to make it back to the future. Having a unique mold, with an action pose no less, makes this figure one of the coolest things Loot Crate has ever given us. I’m not a huge fan of Back to the Future, so a Doctor Who character would have excited me more, but Doc Brown is still great for my Pop! collection. Ultimately, how you feel about this figure will come down to how you feel about Pop! figures and Back to the Future. So for some of you, this item might be a bust. But I love the figures, and I like Back to the Future well enough, so I’m quite pleased.


Bill & Ted T-shirt

Bill & Ted Shirt

What have you done, Loot Crate? You started on such a great note! Even if I was a fan of the movies, this is the most boring shirt Loot Crate has ever included. It’s a blue shirt with a monochrome picture of the title characters (taken from the movie poster, I believe) and the phrase “Be excellent to each other.” Correct me if I’m wrong, Bill and Ted fans, but I can’t imagine anyone being interested in this shirt. I realize that not every Loot Crate shirt can be as cool as the Power Rangers one we got a while back, but this is just lazy. It also means I mentioned Keanu Reeves movies in two posts in a row. Fortunately, it’s all uphill from here.

Doctor Who Sonic Spork

sonic spork

Whovians might be thinking, “what, he went from sunglasses to a spork?” But no, this is not a tool used by the Doctor. It’s a metal spork with a plastic handle shaped like the 11th Doctor’s the (and last season, the 12th Doctor’s) sonic screwdriver. I have to be honest, I don’t really see the point in novelty cutlery. It’s not the kind of thing you usually display, and how often are you using a spork anyway? In any case, it is nice and solid, so it does its job just fine. It just seems like a shame to put so much detail into something that will almost never come out of the silverware drawer. But if you’re a fan of Doctor Who, it is at least sort of interesting.

Back to the Future Part 2 Hoverboard Replica


We may still not have real hoverboards (limited prototypes notwithstanding), but at least Loot Crate is keeping the dream alive. This exclusive item is a 1/6th scale replica of the vehicle from the classic movie, suspended by clear plastic over a mirror to simulate hovering. I know it seems like it’s just a cheap piece of plastic on a fancy base, but it’s actually a very high quality replica. The details are all perfect, save for the missing Mattel logo (due to licensing I assume), and the decals are very well printed. The plastic is solid and high quality, and it’s bigger than it might seem. For reference, it’s about the same length as my 3DS XL. This item is definitely a winner if you even casually like the movie it comes from, and it’s the best movie replica Loot Crate has included yet. It’s also the most unique item included, as I’ve never seen anything like it before. For my money, this and Doc Brown make up for the terribly boring shirt.


Despite the shirt, Loot Crate has delivered yet another top notch box of nerdy goods. Every item in this month’s crate is an exclusive, and none of them are just repaints of something you can get at a store. Doc Brown is, to my knowledge, the first exclusive Pop! mold not in a box sold by Funko itself. The Hoverboard is a great display piece and a seriously high quality replica. And while the Sonic Spork doesn’t do too much for me, it too is a high quality item for time travel fans. The only problem is the shirt, but the otherwise solid selection of items makes it easier to forgive. 

This month’s Loot Crate is just around the corner, and it’s another one I’m anticipating highly. It will have the theme of “Combat” and feature an exclusive item from Fallout 4 (stay tuned for a review, by the way), plus items from Street Fighter, Blizzard, TMNT, and (for some reason) The Hunger Games. Prepare for my review of this one soon, assuming I can wrest it from the icy hands of the post office.

But wait, what was that about exclusive Pop! figures and boxes sold by Funko itself? That’s right, this month Loot Crate will have some competition. Fitting its theme, it will have to hold its own against the first edition of Funko and Disney’s official Star Wars subscription box, Smuggler’s Bounty. Its debut theme is The First Order, and we already know it will contain two exclusive Pop! figures. May the force be with you, Loot Crate; you might need it!


Having a wonderful time


Once again Loot Crate came through with a box of fewer but higher-quality items. The shirt is boring, but fans of the films will probably like it. The Sonic Spork is very high quality, with the business end being made of solid metal, but I question how much use people really have for a spork. The exclusive Doc Brown figure is excellent for fans of these figures, especially as it features a completely unique mold. The miniature hoverboard replica, while pretty simple, is a great display piece and an excellent collector’s item for any fan of Back to the Future. The latter two items mostly make up for the shirt, and make this an excellent crate.