Capcom Cup 2015 crowns $125,000 champion


Last night saw the 2015 Capcom Cup come to a close, and with it the final Ultra Street Fighter IV pro-tour competition, with the long-running title retiring to make way for Street Fighter V, which will be the pro-tour game of choice for 2016 onward.


32 of the world’s finest USFIV players descended on San Francisco to battle for an unheard of prize pool of $250,000. After many intense and exciting slapfights (which saw shock exits for former champions Justin Wong, Luffy and current champ Momochi) Japan’s Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue, as Yun, walked away with the championship and a cool $120,000, ultimately defeating veteran Daigo Umehara’s Evil Ryu in the grand final.


And so ends the Pro-tour run of Street Fighter IV. However with so many players, and such an embedded love for the game within the community, it is likely to remain a staple of the EVO tournament for years to come.

As for next year’s Capcom Cup? Well, Street Fighter V launches in Feburary, and there’s already half a million dollars in the 2016 prize pool, so get practicing, and maybe we’ll see you on the main stage next year.

Good luck.