Two decades of Pokémon: Have you caught ’em all?


Happy birthday, Pokémon!

Or, should we say happy early birthday. February 27, 2016 marks 20 years (!!) since Professor Oak first landed on our radar, enticing us to catch Pokémon, and catch ’em all. Or, at the very least, showing his snot-nosed grandson Gary who’s boss. If you’re like me, you can’t believe Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green first hit the market for the Nintendo’s Game Boy (not even Game Boy Color) in 1996. And, since then, more than 275 million copies of Pokémon videogames have been sold worldwide, not to mention their Trading Card Game (TCG), TV series, movies and more!

And look how far we’ve come.

All 718 Pokémon

All 718 Pokémon. Trust me, I counted.
Image provided by Pokémon Pictures Online (website).

First starting with 151 Pokémon, the world of fighting critters has swelled to include 718—and we’re sure it’ll continue to grow as more and more species are introduced. So, in honor of this landmark year the Pokémon Company International is gearing up for a celebration, including festivities that will make any Pokémon fan excited.

Look out for Pokémon goodies like…

  • Monthly Mythical Pokémon Distribution
  • New Nintendo 3DS Bundle
  • Pokémon TCG: Generations
  • Pokémon TCG Mythical Pokémon Collections
  • Digitally Remastered Pokémon Movies
  • Pokémon Trainer Red: Champion Ver.
  • And More Pokémon 20th Products!

Looking for something to tide you over until February 27th?  Netflix currently features quite a few seasons and movies, like the classic Pokémon: Indigo League from 2000.

A big congrats to Pokémon for hitting this milestone, and continuing to create new content enjoyed by generations young and old. What’s your favorite game, or favorite Pokémon? For me, it’ll always be Pokémon Yellow, with Oddish or Laprus as my go-to team. What can I say; I like the non-intimidating ones.

Better yet, in the comments let me know what you renamed Gary Oak to in your game. Let the hi-jinx commence!