Rebel Galaxy now available for Xbox One


Earth seems a little more boring now that Rebel Galaxy made its way to Xbox One.

Ever gazed up to the stars and wondered what – or who – else is out there in the far reaches of the universe? Ever wondered what these mysteries would look like as it blew up into countless pieces that drifted off to be forgotten forever in space? Rebel Galaxy, Double Damage Games’ debut project, presents an answer to these and other burning questions. The open-world, or should I say, open-galaxy RPG gives players the chance to take to the cosmos in the name of galactic good or evil.

Rebel Galaxy

As the commander of their very own destroyer, players travel to the farthest edges of a randomly-generated galaxy making or breaking alliances and outfitting their ship with hard-earned weapons and defenses. Along the way, hostile enemy ships give the player a chance to take part in what Rebel Galaxy promises will be combat like no space commander has seen before.

Rebel Galaxy released on PC and Mac back in October and finally made the jump to Playstation 4 in the US on January 5th. The game will release for Playstation 4 in the EU on January 15th. Read up on Rebel Galaxy by visiting the game’s website.