Classic Final Fantasy characters coming to Final Fantasy Explorers


Square Enix announced today that its latest addition to the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy Explorers, will allow players to transform into one of 11 different legendary characters from previous games in the franchise.  During battles, if players undergo Trance Mode, they can turn into various characters and use their signature abilities, including Terra’s Riot Blade (FFVI), Tifa’s Final Heaven (FFVII), Squall’s Lion Heart (FFVIII), and many more.  You can see all of the available characters in the infographic below:


Final Fantasy Explorers is primarily a quest-driven RPG similar to the previous franchise installment Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.  Explorers sends your group of four adventurers into the world to collect crystals, the planets main source of power.  Like earlier Final Fantasy entries, the game has a class-based system.  As you play, you will have the ability to assign your characters classic jobs such as White/Black Mages, Monk, and Dragoon, as well as new title-exclusive jobs.  As you come across more new areas, local moogles can send you on rare quests in search of magicite, which will allow you to unlock the legendary characters above.  The game has already been out for about a month overseas in Japan, but Final Fantasy Explorers will hit shelves in North America next Tuesday.  Explorers is exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, is rated E10+, and will be available for $39.99.  Happy questing!