WAR DRAGONS: All Things Burn released!


Have you thanked a dragon today?

If your answer is anything but a resounding yes, stop everything you’re doing, find the nearest dragon, and make sure you thank him (or her) for all their hard work, eating gold and treasure (and not us), and guarding princesses.

It was, after all, Appreciate a Dragon Day, and mobile game pioneer, Pocket Gems, knows just how to celebrate: by transforming their PvP mobile game War Dragons (Android, iOS) into a full-fledge novel, titled War Dragons: All Things Burn, and written by award-winning author Brian Oliu (So You Know It’s Me and Leave Luck to Heaven).

Created as the prequel to War DragonsAll Things Burn follows an orphaned child as he grows to become the leader of the Blackbloods. With a multiple point-of-view narrative, All Things Burn sets the reader in the middle of the action, amidst a brewing revolution, and at a point where sides must be chosen. Who will you side with? And, in the end, will you come out victorious?

In addition, the story features six lucky teams who participated in and won the game’s Great Contest last December, who are featured as powerful guilds, written to aid or harm the protagonist/s in their quest. Learn the backstory to the mobile game that has captured over 200 million downloads, and counting.

Available for download on Amazon for 99¢

Read the back cover blurb for War Dragons: All Things Burn below

An Ancient island resurrected. A once proud and peaceful nation thrown into darkness and chaos. A world where communicating with dragons is punishable by death. All caused by one man.

The children call him Uncle Gustav. Once an orphan from the salt lands, Gustav awoke the Ancient dragons and conquered Atlaua. All those that oppose Gustav are quickly extinguished at the hands of his Blackblood Army, all crafted in his brutal image.

“War Dragons: All Things Burn” documents Gustav’s rise to power through his own eyes, as well as through the viewpoint of Ash, a commander in Gustav’s Blackblood Army who after years of doing Gustav’s bidding, is orchestrating a revolution to take back her homeland.

War Dragons

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