REVIEW / Loot Crate (December 2015)


I’m really glad that The Force Awakens is good, because I already have a lot of…let’s be honest and call them toys from it. November’s inaugural Smuggler’s Bounty gave me two Pop! figures in addition to the one I already had from the film, and here comes Loot Crate in December with another one. With the theme of “Galaxy” there’s no doubt that Loot Crate wanted to capitalize on all of the hype for the seventh Star Wars movie (no, the Clone Wars movie doesn’t count.) With an exclusive Pop! figure so soon after the last one, and the promise of items from Halo and cult classic Galaxy Quest, I was anxious to rip this one open.

 Exclusive Funko Pop! Figure: Han Solo (Snow Gear)


I’m very surprised that Funko would give an exclusive Star Wars figure to Loot Crate, since it competes with their own Smuggler’s Bounty, but I won’t say no to more collectibles from my favorite movie of the year. This figure depicts the elderly Han Solo as he appears for about a minute in The Force Awakens, bundled up in cold weather gear on Starkiller Base. For reference, the version of old Han available at retail features his trademark outfit instead. Even though it’s not a brand new mold like the Doc Brown figure from October’s crate, I’m very happy with this inclusion. You can’t not love Han Solo, and exclusive Pop! figures are always a winner for me.


BB-8 Socks


You thought I was done talking about Star Wars, didn’t you? Don’t worry, this is the only other item from it in the crate. As I’ve said before, I don’t really get the appeal of novelty socks. Surely they’ll be mostly covered by your shoes whenever someone besides yourself or your significant other would see them, right? But they’re still better than a lot of what Loot Crate used to include, and they feature BB-8. There’s a reason that this little astromech droid became a favorite from the first teaser trailer, and if I’m going to have anyone on my socks, I’m glad it’s him.


Halo 5 Ammo Tin


I’ve never been the biggest fan of Halo, as first person shooters aren’t really my thing, but I’ve always appreciated the style and designs from the series. That said, at first I was rather disappointed that the promised Halo item in this crate was just a tin. But it is very high quality, and features a useful clip to make sure it stays closed. I also realized that I needed a tin like this, especially as I’m about to move. So it is a nice item to include, even if it’s solely from a utilitarian perspective.


Halo 5 Req Pack


The digital item returns, for the first time in quite a while, but in a very disappointing way. Loot Crate’s digital items are usually digital comics, full games, or DLC for free to play games. That way, just about anyone who gets Loot Crate can use it. This, on the other hand, requires a specific full priced game that’s only available on one console. I skipped Halo 5 due to the lack of offline multiplayer, but I’m told that these packs just have random items in them. Bad form, Loot Crate. The good news is, though, that it doesn’t seem like they attributed any of the Crate’s value to it. Still, it’s disappointing.


Space “Ugly Christmas Sweater” T-Shirt


Now this is a rare inclusion: a major item in a Loot Crate that isn’t tied to a specific licensed franchise. The shirt is designed to look like the typical ugly Christmas sweater, but decorated with planets and spacecraft. It’s a nice enough shirt, but while it’s never bothered me, some would say that a shirt like that is inappropriate to wear after Christmas. And considering that my Loot Crate arrived a while after the holiday, that’s a bit of an issue.


Galaxy Quest Patch


For those unaware, Galaxy Quest is a sci-fi comedy movie that spoofs Star Trek and science fiction tropes in general. What we have here is an iron on patch based on the spacefaring organization from the movie’s logo. I’m glad they thought to include Galaxy Quest, but I have two issues with this item. First, I really don’t have any use for an iron on patch, and I can’t imagine many Loot Crate subscribers do. Second, the logo was never really a focus, and it never got much attention in the movie; as such, even fans like me aren’t likely to recognize it if we see someone wearing this patch. It’s a nice prop replica and a tie to a great film, but I don’t think it serves much purpose.

I don’t really know how I feel about December’s crate. Obviously I’m more than happy to have an exclusive Star Wars Pop! figure, but the other items are a mix. I love BB-8, but I have little need for novelty socks. The shirt has a nice design, but it’s very seasonal (and arrived too late). The ammo tin is well made and very useful, but it’s also kind of boring. The Galaxy Quest patch is a nice nod to a good movie, but it doesn’t really stand out. Only the Halo 5 DLC code I would consider completely bad. So overall I’d call this a pretty good crate. Not the best we’ve seen recently, even with Han Solo, but it’s still got some very nice items, most of them exclusive.

This month’s Loot Crate will continue the science fiction pattern with an Invasion theme. That means aliens, and we’re expecting items from The X Files, Alien, Space Invaders, and The Fifth Element. Sadly, I’m not particularly interested in any of those things, but I’m sure many of you are. Unfortunately there’s no Star Wars stuff in this one, but fear not; January also marks the return of Smuggler’s Bounty. You can expect reviews of both alien-themed boxes very soon.



I've got a meh feeling about this...


Outside of the Han Solo Pop! figure, December’s crate is full of items that are almost awesome. The socks and the patch are based on excellent movies, but they’re in a form that doesn’t do much for me. The shirt is a nice design, but it’s also a bit too seasonal for some tastes. The Halo tin is more functional than anything else, and while that’s not a bad thing, it could have been more exciting. The Halo 5 DLC code is entirely disappointing, because I imagine most Loot Crate subscribers don’t even have Halo 5. Overall it’s a good box, but they could have done better.