Hero Defense – Haunted Island bursts into Steam’s early access program


Earlier in the week, Steam gave the go-ahead to release Hero Defense – Haunted Island, available to gamers now through their early access program.

Breathing fresh air into the lungs of PC gamers growing tired of the same old entries into the tower defense genre, Hero Defense – Haunted Island is looking to set a new sort of standard for an entire category with it’s unique game-play and beautifully designed 3D worlds.

Although slaying waves upon waves of undead and horror-standard enemies sounds like enough fun as it is, most of the enjoyment for players will be found through the many combinations of custom weapons allies that can be used and the unique enhance-able skills that come with them. Bouncing around from one masterfully crafted level to the next, you soon find yourself sitting on a nest-egg of newly acquired heroes, all the while working towards your inevitable goal – assemble an all star crew strong enough, both physically and tactically, to defeat the evil Count Necros!

haunted island                                                                       A birds-eye view of the detailed world

If you’re at all on the fence about purchasing HD-HI, worry not! Steam’s got you covered with a launch discount of 10% off of the original price of the title. Coming in at a softened grand total of $13.49, it’s a small price to pay to get your hands on this revolutionary, and crazily addicting, new age tower defense title.

Product details, reviews and more information can be found here!