Insomniac Games dives straight in with Song of the Deep


After sending word of its latest release earlier in the week, Insomniac Games finally revealed today the basis of their upcoming summer collaboration with new console publisher GameStop. Song of the Deep is being described as a ‘Metroidvania-style’ side-scrolling action adventure game that follows the story of young Merryn who sets out to find her father when he doesn’t return from a fishing trip. After constructing her own submarine, this young heroine sets out into the ocean to retrieve her beloved father, but not before some exploration and adventure.

The release of the trailer depicts just how much of this game is invested in its emotional narrative. Opening with an idyllic fairytale illustration showing Merryn safely tucked up in bed while her bulky father perches on the edge prefigures an uncharacteristically emotionally invested narrative for Insomniac. The game looks set to stray far from the Resistance, and Sunset Overdrive roots of the company, and trades the mad-dash run’n’gun themes of the past for a more poetic, exploration driven story of ‘discovery, skill, and suspense’. Inspired by the daughter of Insomniac’s Chief Creative Officer, Brian Hastings, this title is all about overcoming adversity when faced with daunting prospects.

Song of the Deep will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and is now available for pre-order.