Super Senso teams up with Final Fantasy artists


Two legendary artists in the gaming world have attached themselves to Turbo’s debut mobile release, Super Senso. The CEO of Turbo, an independent NYC-based studio, is thrilled to have designer Yoshitaka Amano and composer Nobuo Uematsu as part of his team:

Both as a developer and fan, it’s been a true honor working with Amano-san and Uematsu-san on Super SensoEveryone here owes so much inspiration to the monumental influence these two visionaries have had on games, and we all collectively geeked out a little watching their creations come to life.

Amano and Uematsu are both well-known for their work on the Final Fantasy series, as a graphic designer and soundtrack composer, respectively. The two have worked together to bring their magic to Super Senso, feeding off one another to reach the end product. Uematsu talks of Amano’s character design as having a big impact on him, and ultimately how the sounds were determined, “I felt that synthesizer sounds were appropriate for a game like this, rather than orchestral instruments. If I were to describe the feeling I wanted to evoke based on a movie, I’d liken it to something like Terminator.”

Arnold Approves

Arnold Approves

Get an in-depth and personal look at these designs by playing with an interactive 3D model.

Super Senso is set for a winter release, and will be available on iOS and Android, free-to-download.