Until Dawn composer Jason Graves attached to Far Cry Primal


Prepare your ears.

Far Cry Primal just announced the addition of composer Jason Graves to their team. Graves, as you’ll more recently recognize, is the mastermind behind the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack for Until Dawn (listen to the theme song he created in my review).

Far Cry Primal - Jason Graves

Jason Graves composed a live, organic score featuring natural environments and animal effects. There are also sounds linked to different tribes in the area: a ram’s horn and solo flute of the Wenja, Aztec death whistles, female vocals, ritualistic percussion of the Izilia. Curious what the Stone Age sounds like? Allow Jason to transport you there in Far Cry Primal.

Listen for yourself, below:

Far Cry Primal is available February 23rd.

Pre-order your copy of the soundtrack today.