SMITE Season 3 Updates and Changes


Season 3 of SMITE is officially underway! Hi-Rez Studios introduced a number of changes and updates which, in my opinion, will make Season 3 of SMITE the most dynamic season yet!

Check out those changes, as well as some newly released skins below!


New Joust Map

  • New Chinese Joust Map
    • New Layout and Art Theming
    • New Jungle Boss
      • Upon being defeated, enemy towers are disabled for a short period of time.
    • Completely updated Titans, Towers, Phoenixes, Minions, and Jungle Monsters.
SMITE joust

New Joust Map is based on the Sun Wukong lore.

Daily Quests and UI

  • Daily Quests
    “Daily quests is a new system that replaces the Daily Login bonus. Quests may be completed at any time, and no longer require consecutive days of logging in to reach the maximum bonus possible.”

    • New Daily Quest System
      • Each day you will gain two Quests (up to a maximum of two).
      • Completing a Quest will reward Favor and increment your Quest Tracker.
      • Upon completing enough Quests, players will receive a Gem bonus.


  • New Landing Page
    • The 3D Landing Pages are being removed and being replaced by a 2D Page.
      While we adored our 3D promotional landing pages, and know a lot of fans liked them, there are a number of advantages to this new system. First and foremost, it allows us to be more responsive to our community; the 3D promotional pages could only be updated each patch, where our new system can be updated to all of our users within minutes. This means we can better keep you all informed of events, game news, and potential issues.”

      SMITE Bear Ullr

      “Berzerkullr” Ullr

General Gameplay

  • Conquest Map Change
    • Layout Changes
      • The jungle has had a few layout changes. Most notably the main Buff Camps are more open.
    • Jungle Camp Changes
      • Purple Buff (Attack Speed) has been removed.
      • Speed Buff (Movement Speed) has been removed.
      • New Enemy : Fire Elementals
        • These Elementals will spawn around the Fire Giant Lair and will provide a small amount of experience and gold.
      • Blue Buff (Mana Regeneration) has moved to where Speed Buff was.
      • Back Minion Camp has been moved more towards the center of the map.
        • Outer Camps (Old Blue/Purple Buff) are now Boars.
  • Changes to Lifesteal
    • Lifesteal can no longer heal for more health than a target has.
      • ex. If a target with 200 health is overkilled by a basic attack that deals 500 damage, the player who got the kill will only lifesteal as if they did 200 damage.
  • New Highlighting Options
    • Highlighting Options are now determined by Shader Setting
      • New Highlighting Option now used on High Shader
      • Current Highlighting Option now used on Medium of Low
    • Added Option labeled “Always Show Brackets” which forces Highlight and Bracket 2.
      • Highlight and Bracket 2 now display through walls.
  • Co-op difficulty improvements
  • AI obstacle avoidance improvements
  • Buff Icons / Unification and Simplification
  • Fixed an issue where reporting a player greys out the report button of other players.
  • When you mute a player, it now includes social emotes (such as VEL).
SMITE robo Sol

“Soulless Machine” Sol

Active Items -> Relics

The Active Item system is being heavily overhauled in Season 3!

  • Active Items are now called Relics.
  • Relics are free.
  • Players unlock their first Relic at level 1, and their second Relic at level 12.
  • Relics can no longer be ranked up to higher tiers.

“Relics have the power of Tier 3 Actives, with an extended cooldown to compensate the fact that they are free and a single one is obtained early in the game. We are excited to see how this system helps newer players get tools they need to survive, while veteran players will be able to make game impacting decisions through their choices.”

While many active items have been converted to Relics, others have been changed, and new Relics have also been added. The complete list of Relics is below:

  • Teleport
    • Using this item allows you to teleport to any allied tower or ward, without damage interruption, while being unable to move. You are still interrupted by hard crowd control. Cooldown 180s.
  • Purification
    • Using this item removes Crowd Control Effects and makes you immune to new ones for 2s. Cooldown 160s.
  • Sanctuary
    • Using this item makes you invulnerable to damage for 2s, preventing you from attacking or taking actions. You may still move.  Cooldown 160s.
  • Blink
    • Using this item will allow you to teleport short distances instantly. You must have not have taken damage for 5s before it can be used. Cooldown 120s.
  • Curse
    • Using this item reduces all enemy gods ground speed by 40% in a 55 foot radius around you for 5 seconds. Their healing is also reduced by 65% for the duration. Cooldown 150s.
  • Scout
    • Upon activation you may place a single Sentry Ward. The cooldown on this Relic resets when upon returning to your fountain. Cooldown 140s.
  • Wrath
    • Using this item deals 480 damage, in a 15 unit radius, to a single enemy minion or jungle monsters. Target is always the one with the highest maximum health. This item deals 1000 damage to jungle bosses. Subsequent effects from your team on the same target will deal 50% damage. Cooldown 60s.
  • Sprint
    • Using this item increases your ground speed and allies within 55 by 40% for 6s. It also makes you immune to Slows for the duration. Cooldown 120s.
  • Shell
    • Using this item gives the owner and his allies a +45 protections buff for 5 seconds. Also, all damage taken is reduced by 15%. Cooldown 140s.
  • Frenzy
    • Using this item gives all allied gods in a 70 radius a +20% Physical and Magical Power buff for 10 seconds, and deal an additional 20% damage to objectives. This active also removes Disarms upon activation. Cooldown 120s.
  • Meditation
    • Using this item restores to the owner and his teammates 35% of the owners maximum mana, and 15% of the owner’s Health. Cooldown 120s.
  • Sunder (NEW!)
    • Fires a bolt that deals 40 True damage +14 damage per level and reduces target’s protections by 25% for 4s. Cooldown 120s.
SMITE Kukulkan

“Sir Pentsworth IV, Esq.” Kukulkan

Defensive Items

A large focus of our Season 3 changes is to make item choices more impactful, especially when it comes to Defenses and Cooldown Reduction. Items now tend to favor either more Health or Protections, and there is more variety in choosing a Health or Protection focused item.
Additionally we’ve introduced a new defensive item tree focused on Health and Health regeneration, and a new defensive tree focused more on Magical Protection.
Finally in both Defensive and Offensive items, there are more options for Crowd Control reduction.

DISCLAIMER: For the sake of this article I am only going to list the NEW defensive items that have been added to SMITE this season. I will NOT be mentioning changes to any of the items that have already been in the game.

  • Spectral Armor
    • Now branches off of Silver Breastplate.
    • +80 Physical Protection, +300 Mana, +25% Crowd Control Reduction,
    • Passive – Lifesteal is 50% less effective against you. Each time you are hit by a Lifesteal effect, there is a 30% chance you gain an additional 20 Physical Protection for 5s. This cannot happen more than once every 20s. Cost 2100.
  • Glowing Emerald (Tier 1)
    • +100 Health, +10 HP5, Cost 750.
  • Gauntlet of Thebes
    • Branches from Emerald Talisman
    • +350 Health, +15 HP5, Passive – Increases all healing received by 20%.
    • Cost 2300.
  • Enchanted Kusari
    • +30 Magical Protection. +5 MP5. Cost 800.
  • Spellbound Kusari
    • +50 Magical Protection. 10% Crowd Control Reduction, +15 MP5. Cost 1250.
  • Genji’s Guard
    • +80 Magical Protection, 20% Crowd Control Reduction, +20 MP5. Passive – Your HP5 is increased by +150%, and your movement speed by 20% for 5s upon taking magical damage. Can only occur once every 30s. Cost 2400.
  • Oni Hunter’s Garb
    • +60 Magical Protection, 15% Crowd Control Reduction, +20 MP5, Passive – Every 10s out of combat you gain +15 Magical Protection (max 3 stacks). Upon taking magical damage 1 stack is removed. Cost : 1900.
  • Cloak of Unrelenting Sorrow
    • Branches from Cloak of Concentration
    • +60 Physical Protection, +60 Magical Protection, +15% Cooldown reduction. Passive – If you take damage below 30% health you unleash a shockwave that stuns all enemies within range 20 for 1s and gain CC Immunity for 1s. This effect cannot trigger more than once every 90s. Cost 3100.
SMITE Sumo Ymir

“Irezumir” Ymir

Offensive Items

“Similar to our pass of defensive items, we’ve looked at certain items that were mandatory or had a lot of bloat and reduced and refocused them. Items are now more clearly defined as having a specific purpose, rather than being catch all items that became mandatory.”

DISCLAIMER: For the sake of this article I am only going to list the NEW offensive items that have been added to SMITE this season. I will NOT be mentioning changes to any of the items that have already been in the game.

  • Stone Cutting Sword (Tier 3)
    • +50 Physical Power, +10% Movement Speed. Passive – Melee Basic attacks decreases enemy physical protections by 10, and increase your physical protection by 10 for 3s. Cost 2900. (Max 3 Stacks).
  • Masamune (Tier 3)
    • +30 Physical Power, +10% Movement Speed. Passive – You deal additional Physical Power damage against targets with more maximum health than you, equal to 1 power for every 10 health difference, to a maximum of 50 damage. Cost 2200.
  • Thousand Fold Blade (Tier 2)
    • +15 Physical Power, +8% Movement Speed. Cost 1300.
  • Katana (Tier 1)
    • +10 Physical Power, +5% Movement Speed, Cost 800.
  • Spear of Desolation 
    • Branches off of Enchanted Spear.
      • 120 Magical Power, +20 Magical Penetration, Passive – If you kill an enemy god all of your cooldowns are reduced by 8 seconds. This cannot activate more than once every 30s. Cost 3800.
  • Shuriken (Tier 1)

    • +10 Physical Power, +10% Crit Chance, Cost 900.
  • 8-Pointed Shuriken (Tier 2)
    • +15 Physical Power, +15% Crit Chance, Cost 1500.
  • Wind Demon (Tier 3)
    • +15 Physical Power, +15% Crit Chance, Cost 1500.
SMITE Gorgon Athena

“Shield of the Gorgon” Athena

Everything listed above only scratches the surface of the recently released Season 3 content of SMITE.

To see all the changes please read the official SMITE Season 3 patch notes!
I’ll see you on the battlefield!