Blacksea Odyssey will offer space shoot-outs on Steam Early Access


Dig out your space suit and your spears, Blacksea Odyssey will finally introduce Earth to competitive space bounty hunting next month. The game, from the aptly named Team Blacksea Odyssey, launches on Steam Early Access March 2nd.

Blacksea Odyssey

Players enter a galactic competition as the “Old Man” and, equipped with a devastating harpoon, dare to take down the biggest and wildest space bounties. At stake rests the privilege of encountering the legendary Titan of the Stars, and even, if the winner’s lucky, having the chance to tell the folks all about it back home.

Classic top-down shooters inspired the design and gameplay of Blacksea Odyssey, where these elements integrate with RPG and rouge-like elements to create a title with an emphasis on replayability.

Blacksea Odyssey

The game is currently in closed beta where Early Kickstarter Backers have the chance to playtest the game. For more info on Blacksea Odyssey, click here.