Electronic Arts’ Unravel is now digitally available



Developer Coldwood Interactive, in cooperation with publisher Electronic Arts, has announced the official digital debut of Unravel. Now available for digital download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, the platformer focuses on the use of physics to solve puzzles ranging from fairly simple to brain-wrackingly challenging. Unravel tells the story of Yarny, a tiny woolen catlike character with a heart of gold. Yarny’s primary priority: reach the end of the path without becoming undone (literally).




The pleasing aesthetics of Unravel were inspired by Swedish environments, since Coldwood Interactive is based in Umeå, Sweden. The game graphically showcases the world from Yarny’s perspective: quite vast for someone so little, making even the most common day-to-day sights and environmental elements as fresh-looking as alien ones. Throughout the game, you uncover the soul-stirring plot gradually by solving puzzles, with the aid of hints in your surroundings. The more the player unravels, the more they unfold the story. Swedish folk music is the core narrator of Unravel, getting the plot across wordlessly yet expressively.



Unravel is currently out all over the globe on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you’re a North America resident, you can download it for $19.99. But if you’re an EA Access or Origin Access member, you can get 10% off the digital copy for Xbox One and Origin for PC. For further details on Unravel, feel free to check out its official website.