Forced Showdown is the galaxy’s newest game show


For a place with no pressure, life across the galaxy never runs short on matters to stress over. Galactic citizens suffer daily under the weight of questions such as “How long until humans finally catch onto us?” and “What else is really out there?”. Fortunately the galaxy now has an answer to one of its most difficult questions: “What should I watch on TV tonight?”. Forced Showdown, the galaxy’s newest game show, promises escape from the daily struggle and monotony of space-age living beginning March 29th on Steam!


Brought to you by developer BetaDwarf, Forced Showdown will follow the perilous journey of one of four unique gladiators, each with a personal fighting style and chosen weapons, through arenas packed with the galaxy’s most dangerous fighters and littered with life-threatening traps.

Dubbed a “top-down, twin stick action rogue-lite”, Forced Showdown combines the thrill of vicious arena combat with the personalized strategy elements of a deck-building game. A campaign mode will draw fans in while daily missions keep them coming back again and again.


Will these gladiators fight their way to the top or lose their life in any number of violent and exciting ways? Check out the official website, grab the snacks, get the family together and find out on March 29th!