Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator rocks Europe this June


Great news for Guilty Gear fans in Europe: the latest entry in the series, Revelator, is coming to EU territories June 10th for the PS3 and PS4, a mere 3 days after it hits the U.S.

Also Jam is in it, which excites me greatly

Also Jam is in it, which excites me greatly

Revelator picks up after the events of Sign, which left players with more questions than answers, so hopefully Revelator addresses that HEAD ON.

Here are some of the features gamers can expect to see in Revelator:

Moar Fighters: 6 characters join the roster, both old and new, bringing the total number of combatants up to 23, with 21 available from the start.

3D Art and Animation: just like Sign, Revelator is a gorgeous fighter that looks 2D while featuring dynamic camera work and multiple angles.

Easy to Learn, Tough to Master: unlike previous entries, the Xrd series of Guilty Gear does away with the complicated battle system in favor of a particular focus on the Roman Cancel, which opens up a lot of strategic possibilities in the right hands.

Bigger Training Mode: an expanded Training Mode, which details everything from movement to combos to specific tips for certain character match ups.

Simple Control System: a new Stylish Type will be available for beginners that allows them to do advanced techniques without needing to learn complicated math problems.

Story Mode: a fully animated mode that is focused solely on the plot. I liked the mode in Sign, but hated how there were no battles or interactions from the player; it was just cut scenes.

Better Netplay: online battles should run smoother, and players will be able to play Training or Arcade Mode while waiting to connect to another fighter in the meantime.

Expanded Lobby: now a 3D space, gamers can move around a customizable avatar and chat with other fighters, use emotes, change their clothes, and more. A total of 64 players can inhabit each room, which probably smells after a while.

That old man is actually a robot controlled by a young woman. I can't make this up!

That old man is actually a robot controlled by a young woman. I can’t make this up!

Pre-orders are avaialbe for Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator in Europe through Rice Digital. Check out the EU announcement trailer below!

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