Randal’s Monday brings the worst day of the week to PS4


Randal’s Monday, a point-and-click adventure from Nexus Game Studios, released today in the North American PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and will come to Europe February 17th for $13.99/€13.99.

Randal's Monday

Awful Mondays prove themselves a universal fact. Just as Monday dips below the horizon in your rear view mirror, another one leaps out and smashes into the windshield. As bad as your blue-collar Monday may feel, Randal’s Monday reminds us that the weekend could end in ways much worse. In fact, Randal never even makes it to Tuesday. Instead, he lives out the same Monday again and again until he manages to right the wrong that brought him this curse in the first place.

Randal's Monday

On Sunday, Randal lived the life of any good man. He went to his friend’s engagement party, had some fun, and drank himself right into the week. The problem dawns on Monday morning when Randal wakes up with his friend’s wallet and, tucked away in that wallet for safe-keeping, his friend’s engagement ring. Randal knows right away what he must do: sell the ring and make money off of his friend’s misfortune. When his friend commits suicide, Randal is trapped on this awful hung-over Monday until he resolves the entire situation.

Randal's Monday

Randal’s Monday follows Randal in circles as he fights to take on the role of the hero he never desired to be. Player’s will point-and-click their way through 7 chapters with more than 40 environments all filled with a wide cast of characters who are all doubtless in better situations than Randal. These environments and characters present the player with a game rich in retro geek culture to take the player back to the good old days.

Aside from PlayStation 4, Randal’s Monday is also available on Steam. For more information on the game, head to the official website.