Call of Duty: Black Ops III Awakening DLC coming to Xbox One and PC


The massively successful Call of Duty: Black Ops III by developer Treyarch has a new DLC pack, Awakening, to be released on March 3rd for Xbox One and PC players. Already having been released for Playstation 4 users, this DLC pack has some exciting and innovative new maps that are sure to suck you in for hours.


The new DLC maps for Awakening include the following:

Gauntlet – A unique map design that includes three different settings; A raining city map with sharp angled alleys, a lush and vibrant jungle, and a snowy scene with nooks and crannies to hide all wrapped into one single map. Trust me, this map is beautiful!

Splash – An abandoned water park complete with water slides, large and colorful water park themed scenery, a pirate ship, and underwater routes that make for interesting water combat experiences. This exciting map features both long range and close range combat routes, with some prime camping areas.

Rise – A construction site in Zurich that allows coverage inside buildings, behind cranes and industrial sized shipping crates, surrounding an open center that becomes completely chaotic and classic Call of Duty mayhem.

Skyjacked – A modern throwback to the Black Ops II: Hijacked multiplayer map, Skyjacked is basically the same map but made to look more futuristic. You can still travel underneath the ship and emerge behind enemies, you’ll have all the same camping spots that you loved from Hijacked, but it allows you to utilize the new Exo-suit abilities to run along one side of the ship. This map is fun and hectic!


Along with these new multiplayer maps, Awakening will bring users a new Zombies mode, Der Eisendrache. If you’ve played Zombies mode before, you should expect the same type of endless zombies play set in a World War II era Austrian castle.


Having started Awakening early for the Playstation 4, I have spent a lot of my free time playing multiplayer mode and really enjoy the variety of the new maps and finding which classes are best suited for each map. Purchase the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Season’s Pass to get the Awakening DLC at a discount.