Epistory unfolds a wordy world onto Steam


“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” This classic comeback probably recalls memories from the middle school playground, where you and your friends compared your trading cards and passionately discussed your newest videogames while the kids who were actually athletic threw meaningless insults in your direction.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles from developer Fishing Cactus promises to flip the playground taunt and return the power to the words. The game will introduce the power of language to dangerous encounters and the beauty of origami to exploration when it releases for Steam on March 30th.


Players take on the role of narrator in this narrative-driven game centered around a muse and her trusty – if untraditional – steed, a giant three-tailed fox. As players progress and the muse gathers inspiration, a world that begins blank and empty unfolds, revealing in the process a rich fantasy world that offers much in puzzles and exploration.

Every action the player takes in Epistory comes from their keyboard. Words typed on the keyboard affect the unfolding world in a number of ways ranging from opening treasure chests to dealing blows to origami baddies. In addition to a Story Mode, Epistory will feature an Arcade Mode where players can fend off endless enemies for a chance at a spot on the leader boards.

For a game that promises to offer innovative story and gameplay elements, check out Epistory – Typing Chronicles on Steam or head over to the game’s website. The first half of Epistory is currently available in early access for $12.99, and the second half will come in March.