New Dark Souls III Trailer – True Colours of Darkness


Well, well, Dark Souls fans must be shaking in their boots because the hour of death draws ever closer. Surround yourself with soft, fluffy things, polish your shield and tune into this new Dark Souls III trailer where FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment invite you to discover the true colours of darkness.
DarkSoulsIII 1

No, don’t worry, we’ll just hang out here until you’re ready

Welcome back to the Kingdom of Lothric, friends. In this video, you’ll encounter a plethora of nasty beasties which caused me to utter the following: “Woah, easy there, fireball!”, “Was that ice or crystal spiking through the ground just now?” and “Someone should prune that warped, convulsing tree”. Naturally there’s a scythe-wielding skeleton, because what kind of Dark Souls trailer would it be without some skeletons? You may find yourself pre-dreading some enemies after watching this trailer. Is there anything quite as thrilling as approaching a creature that makes you feel true, chilling dread before you even step into the ring? Speaking of, what’s that I saw in the last frame of the video?
I’m getting a lot of fun, eerie Bloodborne vibes from this trailer and that’s always a positive in my book. In terms of gameplay, the battle system looks really fun and engaging, and it also looks smoother than that of its predecessors.
Hope y’all like getting sliced, diced, crushed and spooked because there’s only a couple of months left to go – Dark Souls III launches for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on the 12th of April 2016.