Spacejacked takes tower defense to the stars


Spacejacked brings a mix of action shooter and tower defense to Steam with its release today. Developer Rotten Mage has built on the already popular demo with brand new content that, paired with gravity-shifting action, hopes to pull players in.


In Spacejacked, space-technician Dave faces off against hordes of invading aliens while at the same time rescuing his hopeless colleagues. An arsenal of various turrets each with unique upgrades serve as an extra line of defense, which proves particularly useful when another part of the ship calls for Dave’s alien-blasting aid.

Besides the game’s Endless Mode, the title will feature new Story and Challenge Modes that offer players the chance to experience more rewarding and demanding gameplay. New turrets and upgrades are available and ready to aid Dave in his mission.


Spacejacked is on Steam for $9.99, but will be 10% off ($8.99) for the first week after its release. For more information on the game, head here.