Life is Strange sequel Kickstarter canceled


Life is Strange reigned supreme in its release last year. Fans were consumed by the depth of each character’s backstory, and the intricate collaboration between intuitive gameplay mechanics and profound main narrative. The episodic series’ fanbase inevitably snowballed with every new release, burgeoning into a powerfully dynamic following by the end of the series.

One of these fans, Scott Ashby, took it upon himself to head the brigade for developers Dontnod to get to work on a sequel. Aiming for $20,000 to either approach Dontnod offering the cash to fund a sequel, or purchase the IP himself and develop his own, Ashby reached $103 before canceling the project approximately 30 minutes ago. The creator was attempting to raise money for spin-off projects focusing on the backstories of the many extra characters that illustrated the world of Max and Chloe, promising each backer a free copy of the game.

It’s unclear why Ashby, working under the name of character Kate Marsh, canceled the project. Whether he received an angry email from those working to protect the rights to Square Enix’s publication, or he simply realized the magnitude of what he was trying to achieve. Indeed, had it continued, and succeeded, it would have represented a historic event in the relationship between developers and fans akin to the Mass Effect ending fiasco.