Black Ops 3: DLC 2 announced


I am a Call of Duty fanboy. There can be no denying it. It was the game that I played most frequently for a large portion of my young teenage years, and whilst the franchise as a whole receives an awful lot of abuse these days I still fondly remember the group parties of 6, maybe 7 of my friends humming with chatter in a pre-game lobby or laughing hysterically as we all hid ourselves in a corner of a map and waited for the inevitable. We were the kids who were fascinated with the slightly murky storyline behind Treyarch’s Zombies game mode: many an evening was spent battling wave after wave or hunting down the many complicated easter eggs and side quests that litter each map. We had no interest in whether or not we had developed intimate relations with the mothers of those in our lobby; we were, in essence, the peaceful, appreciative minority.

Of course, these days have long since passed me by – doesn’t that make me sound old – and I am left very much alone in my appreciation of the latest offering, Black Ops 3. But that doesn’t mean I don’t keep a wary eye on the interwebs for news of new DLC, and so, after exhausting each of Treyarch’s previous additional maps, it was a nice surprise to see that another offering is on its way and already being advertised on the Call of Duty website.

WARNING: Not actual footage. Real map may be even more future-y.

WARNING: Not actual footage. Real map may be even more future-y.

The newest map pack, named Eclipse, adopts the usual format of 4 new multiplayer maps and one of the Zombies variety. The multiplayer maps, Verge, Spire, Rift and Knockout, carry a largely futuristic theme, with excursions into a post-apocalyptic world, a ‘sub-orbital airport terminal,’ and a military complex suspended over an active volcano (respectively, as it happens). Verge is a reimagining of the Call of Duty: World at War map Banzai, whilst Knockout takes a more traditional approach, located within and around a Shaolin Temple nestled in the mountains. Coincidentally, a short trailer was released for the Verge map whilst I was writing this, which you can check out below:

The latest Zombies installment sees the awesome foursome trapped on an island in the Pacific, as they continue the storyline that has long since left me baffled but that seems to involve them preventing the events of the previous two Black Ops: Zombies plots from ever occurring. The map is aptly named Zetsubou No Shima, which translates as ‘Island of Despair,’ and is set to feature zip lines, an underground sewer system, and dense tropical environments that may or may not be home to other threats aside from the usual undead horde. Have a watch of the cutscene-slash-trailer below for a painfully brief introduction to the map:

Eclipse is due to hit PS4 first on the 19th of April, and will presumably follow the usual pattern of arriving on Xbox One and PC by the beginning of next month.