PS4 Update 3.50 now live


This is a big one. It has been a little while now since Sony released the last major software update for their flagship console: system update 3.00, released in September last year, added a host of social additions to the home screen and a dedicated section to PlayStation Plus, and all further updates since then have been performance improvements. The latest software update, version 3.50, is of great personal interest to me, because I have been harping on for some time now about the lack of one particular feature that has been a noticeable absence from the PS4 since it was first released. But more on that later. First, let’s take a look at the key features as outlined on the PlayStation Blog:

PS4u3.50 PS4u3.50_2Obviously, there is more to it than is detailed here, but I have to say that I’ve spent my days as a PS4 owner often wondering why I was unable to see when my friends came online, and so to finally have an issue of such simplicity put to rest is very satisfying indeed. I am also an avid remote play user (we have one TV between 10 of us), and so the sort of nerdish impulse that drives someone (i.e. me) to play a console on a portable console has been substantially magnified by the prospect of being able to use my PC to a similar effect. And heck, who doesn’t need to pretend to be offline once in a while, if not just to give the illusion of abstinence from the world of console gaming?

All in all, then, this is a sizeable update that adds noticeable features – not something that can often be concluded – to the PS4 system, and one that rights a few small wrongs that have been bugging me, and hopefully not only me, for some time now.

The Ps4 system update version 3.50 is now live on all PS4 consoles, as of April 6th 2016.