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There really is no time to explain No Time to Explain. Originally released for PC back in 2011, developer tinyBuild promised to release it for the PlayStation 3 shortly thereafter. However, the console version never came. No Time to Explain has since been remastered for PC and released on Xbox One in 2015 because tinyBuild basically said that the original release sucked. I’ve not played the original release or the 2015 PC release. However, No Time to Explain hit the PlayStation Store on March 29th, and I have played it on PS4. How is it? Well… there might be some time to explain.


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First things first, NTtE is an 2D action platformer with stick-shooter qualities (this description makes total sense to me!) that will have you testing your skill through levels that get increasingly more difficult as you progress. The game starts with a future you telling you to come with you because there is “No Time to Explain” and then boom – you take control as your future self gets abducted by a giant crab alien! It’s your job to save your future self constantly and figure out the trippy time warp of NTtE.




Controls are simple enough: move, jump, and shoot. You can use the sticks to move (left joystick) and aim/shoot (right joystick), which shooting is basically your way of moving vertically around the level. Jumping I found became pretty useless, but was helpful when you needed that slight movement. Graphically, there is nothing flashy here (pun intended). The art looks like something out of The Behemoth’s Art Department (see Castle Crashers).


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What really makes this game to me is the humor. The voice acting and sound effects will definitely get you giggling. Each level starts you off with a great little quip that helps you get through those challenging levels, which is another strong point of this game. Taking down a mutant shark holding your future self captive has never been so hilariously frustrating. There isn’t much in the sense of story, but it didn’t feel like it really needed it.




The game is not without its flaws. I expected to burn through the game in a couple hours, but I almost felt like it progressively got better with the level design and boss fights. Reading through some user reviews, I see that I am not alone on this observation. It was also hard for me to get used to the movement by shooting the laser gun around the level. Luckily, there is little consequence to dying, so I could attempt jumps multiple times to combat this problem.


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Overall, No Time To Explain was a fun romp, but I was definitely finished with the game after it was all said and done. If you like collecting things, there are a bunch of hats to find in the various levels. However, most may find little replay value here. If you can look past the sluggish controls and imprecise platforming, you might enjoy NTtE’s ludicrous characters and situations, but it’s a joke that doesn’t bear repeating.



This review is based on a retail copy of the game provided by the publisher.

So, yeah...I guess there was time to explain, afterall!
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    Story - 7/10

Quick Explaination

+ Great humor
+ Colorful graphics
– Didn’t feel the need to replay
– Hard to master movement