Blues and Bullets Episode 2 launching for Xbox One


Blues and Bullets Episode 2: Shake The Hive, an episodic detective series created by Barcelona-based indie company, A Crowd of Monsters, is now available for the Xbox One.

Players will play as Eliot Ness, a former detective, continuing to investigate the case of the missing granddaughter of the infamous Al Capone and the “conspiracy… discovered in Episode 1” (no spoilers!). Players will explore the fictional streets of Santa Esperanza, meet new characters, investigate crime scenes, and exchange gunfire when necessary. Any choices made promise to impact the storyline and the cumulative ending.

Blues and Bullets Episode 2: Shake The Hive is also available on the PC for $4.99, a part of the Blues and Bullets Season Pass bundles, and will be available for the Playstation 4 later in April.

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