Will we see a new Xbox One?


A recent FCC filing has come to light that seems to suggest a new Xbox One Slim model, as well as an upgraded Xbox One console itself. The Federal Communications Committee (FCC) filings were discovered by a group of NeoGAF users and detail a new wireless chip for the Xbox One. Perhaps the most compelling evidence for Microsoft’s response to Sony’s PS4.5 is the final date of the non-disclosure agreement. The June 25th and 29th dates align themselves neatly with E3 2016, making it likely that we’ll see just what this fuss is all about when Xbox take to the stage.

This all comes just over a week after Microsoft’s Head of Xbox Phil Spencer told fans not to get their hopes up as the company has no intentions of building an “Xbox One and a half”. This puts the Xbox One Slim rumors in the shade slightly, but still doesn’t totally dispel the notion of the second console filed with FCC. The concept of an upgraded, supercharged Xbox One has been floating around the web for a while now, with various LinkedIn accounts and patent slippages being held accountable. It could still be possible, despite Microsoft’s fervent denial, that a new console is on the way – after all Spencer only said “If we’re going to go forward with anything, like I said, I want it to be a really substantial change for people – an upgrade.” – that’s an all or nothing statement. We’re either getting something really cool, or nothing.

It’s difficult to believe that Microsoft can flip another massive console into the market just three years after the Xbox One – it took five for the Xbox 360 to be old news. It also feels highly unlikely – despite the Xbox Live failings earlier in the year, Microsoft have been doing pretty well for themselves as of late. With Quantum Break earning the best selling new Microsoft IP of the generation, and the work from the company itself to push the Xbox One console onto consumers, it would feel counter-intuitive to propose a wildly new system instead of an upgrade. But then again, Microsoft’s no stranger to the quick 180 in marketing.