Dark Souls III is out now!


Well, my fellow From Software enthusiasts, we’ve made bids on tea, we’ve thoroughly roasted the insides of our mouths with wings and we’ve cried together as beautiful special editions sold out. The time has finally come – Dark Souls III has launched today on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC!

That’s right – Dark Souls III is out now!



She attempted the wings challenge, as you can see


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and From Software eagerly await your purchase and subsequent enjoyment of their exciting and horrifying new installment in the Souls series – Dark Souls III. You the player will dive into Lothric, an apocalyptic, horrific world where deadly enemies stand beside devious traps and hidden secrets.

This dark fantasy adventure will allow fans of the series to venture across a wide variety of locations in a beautifully interconnected world renowned for its sword and sorcery combat. Players will also be welcomed back into the Souls universe with typical, rewarding action-RPG gameplay which promises to be smoother than even Bloodborne.

Dark Souls III is now available on all the aforementioned consoles and PC (via Steam) in Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and Australasia. The first DLC will be released in Autumn 2016.

“There’s a Dark Souls III now?”
“Check out the launch trailer, person who just emerged from beneath their rock.”