Mirror’s Edge Catalyst delayed


Faith is taking a two week extension before free running her way into Glass, developers announced today. In a post on the game’s main site, design director Erik Odeldahl explained that the social features of the second installment in EA DICE’s series of open world action adventure games would require new online technology that they want to get absolutely perfect. The city of Glass will now become your playground on June 7th (NA) and June 9th (EU).

In order to execute the many social features that Catalyst offers, such as player-built time trials, friend connections, and leaderboards, EA DICE has been experimenting with new online capacities and wants to create this flawless multiplayer experience at launch. In doing so they’ve asked for patience from fans through another two weeks of development so they can put the finishing touches on this technology and take on any feedback from the closed beta.

If you’ve been on the edge of your seat since the original game was released in 2008, it’s good news as the closed beta opens up tomorrow, April 22nd. If you managed to squeeze your name onto the registration list last week, the 5 day beta will see players take on several campaign and side missions across PS4, Xbox One, and Origin.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be available June 7th / 9th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and is available for pre-order at $60.