The Detail Episode 3 release date announced


Ending with a bang, “Devil in the Detail” the final episode of The Detail will be available on Steam, PC and Mac April 28th from Rival Games! If you aren’t familiar with any of the previous episodes, check out the TVGB review of Episode 1 here. The Detail falls within the same category of other narrative-driven, interactive stories like the classic adventures games from Westwood and Lucas Arts, and the Telltale Series’s The Walking Dead.

A noir-style crime drama with a graphic novel aesthetic, each choice made changes the game you end up experiencing, and Episode 3 picks up where we left off, unraveling a deep murder mystery in a modern American city.

Chief Eating Officer (we’re not joking) Jukka Laakso at Rival Games is excited for players to get their hands on this final episode, saying,“Inspired by the emotional impact of adventure games and TV shows such as The Wire, The Detail contains mature themes for older players and we are excited to bring these elements to a head in the first season’s finale with Episode 3 – Devil in the Detail […] and we can’t wait to hear from players about how the season plays out for them.”

Here’s the teaser trailer, but you might not want to check it out if you haven’t played any of the previous The Detail episodes (spoilers):

“Devil in the Detail” will be available as a DLC purchase on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux at a -25% discount for €4.49, £3.60, $4.49 or as part of a three-episode season bundle discounted at €9.99, £6.99, $9.99.