Puzzle platformer Ecotone on Steam May 6th


Ecotone, by French developer Sundae Factory, has sailed through early access and will be available on Steam May 6th. The platformer seeks to challenge a wide variety of player skills, from seeing how you fare in zero gravity to testing your detective skills as you piece together the puzzle of your own identity.


The game’s opening line boasts that “you are not a hero, you will not save the world, you may even not save yourself”, an ambiguity that promises to run through the entire gameplay. Set across three worlds, each consisting of fifteen levels of divergent gameplay, you are tasked with not only making your way through this universe, but also finding yourself along the way – like an intergalactic gap year. Each level of Ecotone consists of a unique gameplay experience, some will demand you master time itself, others will see you jetting off in a speed race.

Out of all these different mechanics however, an open but tangible storyline is waiting to be found. Learning fragments of your narrative and identity as you progress through the retro-inspired world, players are able to personalise their understanding of the storyline, while being given a linear plot should they choose to seek it out.

Ecotone will be available for $8.99, 8.99€, or £5.99 on Steam from May 6th 2016.