Superhot takes on Xbox One next week


If any game was to make you feel like a total inextricable badass, it’s Superhot. When it blasted its way onto Steam in February, it was met with fans gushing at its refreshingly simple style and gameplay. The crux of the game is time stopping whenever you stop (or just moving verrrryy slowly when you’re not). It doesn’t sound like much, but in execution it’s an unquestionably powerful mechanic.

All these strategical plans and awesome looking playbacks are coming to Xbox One next week, finally. Initially intended for release a mere number of weeks after the PC and Mac original, the dev team ran into some issues with the console. Nevertheless it’s here soon, and the mechanics of working with a controller for this experience will be interesting to unravel. If you’re on the fence about the console port of this insanely addictive gem, then look no further than our review here on TVGB.

Superhot will be available for Xbox One Tuesday 3rd May.