Cubikolor to be released on 20 May


Brace yourself, Kubes are imminent! Cubikolor is to be released on 20 May this year and will be available for PC/Mac on Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Preorders are already available for PC players and will be made available to Xbox One owners starting Friday.

Moving Player and Fractal Box’s Cubikolor is a next-gen puzzle game designed to really test our problem-solving abilities as we are pit against a very tough enemy. Players must outwit the traps of the “System” to confront the machine and pass the test. This is done by moving your Kube by matching colours of the sides and the platform to complete each level. You can roll, go up, go down and rewind time to explore all your options and reach the locks in each level. Players can’t take too long, however, as there’s a move and time limit adding further pressure.

Players can find out more about the game by accessing the website.
This game sounds like Kula World, the old PS1 game, on paper. Gamers who enjoy challenging puzzles and colourful, simplistic art styles will no doubt enjoy this game. The game comes out on May 20th, so it’s only a few weeks away – there’s still time to preorder.