Miyazaki-inspired Lynn and the Spirits of Inao now on Kickstarter




Lynn and the Spirits of Inao is the first project by French indie developer Bloomylight, which in itself is a very cute, whimsical name that already has me on board. Lynn and the Spirits of Inao invites the player to join an adventure through a mystical world full of content inspired by Japanese myths. Guide Lynn and her sidekick Aku through beautiful landscapes and powerful enemies in order to restore balance between the world of the living and the spirits.



The game promises a completely hand-drawn 2D platforming experience complete with beautiful visuals and a storyline laced with sweetness and humour. The five skilled and ambitious enthusiasts that make up Bloomylight have been strongly influenced by the greatest figures of Japanese animation such as Hayao Miyazaki. Looking at these visuals, it’s no surprise that there’s a tinge of Studio Ghibli in Lynn and the Spirits of Inao.




The player will control Lynn, an apprentice priestess on the island of Inao where humans, gods and spirits live together in harmony. She lives together with her accomplice the demonic spirit, Aku. Strange events cause the once calm and peaceful spirits to attack the villagers. Lynn’s mentor, who is gravely injured during a ceremony, entrusts Lynn with the arduous task of finding the origin point of the evil and saving the village.


In Bloomylight’s first title, day and night will influence the landscapes and adventure of the protagonists. Lynn will be able to walk, run, jump, rebound, slip in a variety of ways as well as fight in order to free the spirits from their frenzy. The player will be guided by Aku through levels of platforms in an open world and will be required to navigate quests, uncover missions, fight through difficult battles and scratch their heads through puzzles and riddles to solve the mystery.




Bloomylight’s founder and creative director, David Tollari, promises that fans of Studio Ghibli and old-school consoles and games will find Lynn and the Spirits of Inao mesmerising. The Lynn and Aku duo is promised to be very endearing and the narrative experience to be unforgettable. Lynn and the Spirits of Inao is hoped to be released on PC first, but with continued support, Bloomylight intends to stretch to other platforms if possible.


The game is now available for backing on Kickstarter! There are a lot of cool backer bonuses, including being able to be a character in the game or design your own enemy. If you want to support an awesome project and stretch your creative legs, now’s your chance!