Battlefield 1 revealed


EA DICE has officially revealed its latest addition to the Battlefield franchise, and from the outset, something is wrong. This game isn’t going to be Battlefield 5. Well I mean it is, technically speaking, because it follows the last in the franchise, Battlefield 4, but it also most definitely isn’t. It’s Battlefield 1, and that means that chronologically speaking, it is the first in the series (obviously). It also happens to mean that while we travel back in time through the series, we’re also going to be taking a trip through time in a historical sense. But I’m babbling. Here’s the trailer, in all its muddy, rainy, fiery glory:

Now, I’m supposed to be fairly impartial at times like this, but it hasn’t exactly been a hot week for first person shooters (looking at you, Infinity Ward), and so to see a reveal trailer so thoroughly entertaining has put a little spark of hope back into my thumbs. According to the site, the new game – Battlefield 1 – is set in World War 1, which is a bold move from the game developers but one that has been on the lips of many a gamer for some time now (or at least, my mates have certainly been pleading for an end to the future-shooters). There is the obvious concern that less advanced technology will mean less ways for the player to destroy both the opposition and the environment, but fear not: there remains plenty of wonderful opportunities for vehicular mayhem, or so it seems. I counted the potential for the usage of planes, trains, zeppelins, tanks, boats, and even horses on the battlefield, alongside some brutal melee attacks and a big bloomin’ flamethrower to boot. But again, I’m babbling. Obviously, the trailer does look very impressive, as DICE seek to deliver their usual sky-high standard across a wide variety of environments. I suppose the question that remains is whether the team at EA can buck the trend and head back in time with more success than the shooters whose efforts have been purely futuristic. I certainly hope so, else I’m going to have to seriously consider buying that new-release-from-Activision-that-shall-remain-nameless, or else simply accept my fate and join the RPGamers.

Battlefield 1 will be available for purchase on all platforms on October 21st, and is available for pre-order in 3 differing versions now. Those with the Exclusive Collector’s edition will receive the game 3 days early.