Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC out now


We are back. Again. And this time, I honestly think that Bethesda mean business. Today has seen the release of the third in a series of 3 preliminary DLC packs for Fallout 4, which serves to round off the first series of extra content for the game (until the second series is announced at some point within the next month or so). The pack, titled Far Harbor, is an ambitious one, offering the largest land expansion that a Bethesda game has seen yet as well as a brand new storyline and a host of side missions, the entire island of Maine for your exploration, and a whole host of new collectibles, weapons, and creatures. Check out the trailer:

The story follows a missing person case taken at Valentine’s Detective Agency, and leads the player to Far Harbor, where the situation is as tense as the locals, Child of Atom followers, and synths struggle to coexist on a heavily irradiated island that is home to more beasties than you can shake a super sledge at. Whilst Automatron aimed to please in terms of companion customisation, and Wasteland Workshop with a massive influx of settlement construction options, Far Harbor looks to me like it is designed to cover everything, offering new weapons, new characters, new settlements, and new workshop items as well as an actual moving vehicle to ferry the player to and from the new land mass. I know. Stay tuned for a proper review once I’ve actually sat down to play, but in the meantime, I can safely say that those of you who felt a little underwhelmed by the DLC thus far should certainly find something to sink your teeth into in Far Harbor.

Ah, the dreaded frame-rate-lowering fog...

Ah, the dreaded frame-rate-lowering fog…

The third DLC pack for Fallout 4, titled Far Harbor, is out now on all platforms for USD $24.99 (that’s 19 quid for you Brits out there) or at no cost for those who have purchased the season pass.