Pac-Man 256 coming to consoles and PC June 21st


PacMan 256 logo

Exciting news in the realm of PAC-MAN as our favorite cherry-eating yellow blob just celebrated his 36th birthday. The critically-acclaimed mobile game PAC-MAN 256 is set to hit consoles and PC on June 21st. This new PAC-MAN game developed by Hipster Whale and 3 Sprockets will keep the core mechanics that made the mobile game such a hit but with added features on the console and PC versions. The features included are social media sharing options, ten themes available for unlock, and boasts four player local and multiplayer co-op mode.

So the fascinating aspect of this new installment of the PAC-MAN franchise is the new twist in gameplay that is added via a host of different and pretty great looking powerups. Don’t fret! You are still going around eating pellets and defeating ghosts as usual, but now you have a laser at your disposal. The multiplayer featured in the announcement trailer (at the bottom of this article) depicts a chaotic arcade arena filled with neon colour, old school sounds, and the corpses of your fallen ghost enemies.

Not sure if you want to get excited about this title? Well, you’re in luck, the mobile version of PAC-MAN 256 is having a sale for the in-app purchase”Coin Doubler.” It is now discounted down to £2.29 from its original price of £3.99 until May 27th so act fast! Either way, this will be an exciting step for our yellow friend to venture onto PC and console.