Dungeons 2 gets back at the good guys with PS4 release


As I fumbled my way through dangerous videogame dungeons as a kid, I believed that there was someone somewhere in the world with the nefarious and undoubtedly tedious task of controlling the multitudes of monsters just as I controlled the good guys. Although age and experience imparted the realization that this in fact was not the case, the gaming world is not void of the opportunity for players to flip their moral compasses and play for the bad guys. Dungeons 2, from Kalypso Media, presents such an experience today with the title’s release for Playstation 4.

Dungeons 2

In Dungeons 2, players take on the role of the Dungeon Lord in the not-so-classic battle of evil vs. good as they manage the resources of one of two factions to develop dungeons loaded with all manner of traps, trials, and 26 unique creatures. A desire to destroy drives these evil creatures to put an end to one of multiple heroes the game offers. Once the Dungeon Lord has amassed an army of followers, the monsters can take to the Overworld where the army takes over human cities through a tactical real-time strategy system.

With this PS4 release, Dungeons 2 will come with additional on-disc content including 11 maps and over 30 hours of extra gameplay through the “Pixieville”, “Morningwood”, “A Chance of Dragons”, “A Song of Sand and Fire” and “A Clash of Pumpkins” add-on packs. Four competitive multiplayer modes present the chance to rule the Underworld with up to four players, because even evil Dungeon Lords need friends every once in a while.

For more information on Dungeons 2, check out the game’s official website here!