Auralux: Constellations now available on Steam



Fans of Auralux will be happy to hear that the long-awaited sequel is now available on Steam!

Auralux: Constellations boasts a simple and minimalistic design, but maintains its roots as a challenging Real-Time Strategy (RTS) set in space. To keep things interesting, you can play with friends or against others in local or online multiplayer modes, and each constellation offers a different variation on gameplay.

The game unfolds with one new feature and capability at a time. As with most RTS games, you start simple with one planet and then build up from there, eventually taking on entire galaxies. It also leaves room for player-made changes. Use your imagination: what if you moved the planets around or added wormholes here and there for quick travel? The potential is no two games would ever be alike.


As for atmosphere, War Drum Studios elected to keep the graphics simple, yet beautiful and vibrant, and the ambient music will allow you to think through your strategy, but keep you engaged. Much of the graphics even pulse to the music, but whether that’s a bonus or not will have to be determined by the player.

Overall, it’s clear the aim is to provide a relaxing RTS experience, which you can slowly dial up in difficulty and challenge to your heart’s content. Invite some friends over or pit yourself against them for online play. The sandbox feel of the game will allow for many versions and ideas to be borne out.

Auralux: Constellations is available on Steam. The special price of $7.99 is available until June 8th.